Furniture varnish

As a sustainable resource wood is one of the most beautiful materials for producing furniture. To varnish it is a method to protect the wooden products from stains, humidity and dirt and in the same way to refine them perfectly.

When, as joiners and carpenters we varnish your valuable furniture or refine interior parts of your home we always can rely on the quality of our suppliers. It doesn´t matter if we treat your furniture with PUR- or water varnish, with these varnishes we always can guarantee high durability either with chemical or manual use as well as easy processing.
Using modern shades of color old pieces of furniture can easily be turned into trendy ones. No matter if we use colorless varnish on your furniture and that way enhance the natural side of the material or using trendy color varnish we chose the suitable product. From matt to high gloss we varnish your furniture in a professional and efficient way.

Some facts on varnish

Art Design by Korsch

These artistic and sel-explanatory toilet doors are an example for the variety of products of the Korsch company. Lacquered up to perfection and fittingly adjusted to the appearance of the room.