Some highlights from parquet


The wood obtains an interesting touch due to laying of different lenths and widths. Enjoy the effect of old used surfaces.

Chateaux N° 1

The parquet appears just like it is. Old, trodden and beaten, alive with its appealing bruises and branches which have only been partly bleeded with resin.


These floorboards are charismatic like the scent of old cognac or the smell of home. Like the warmth of the autumn leaves or the shade of the sundown.


The relief floorboards become increasingly more resistant according to the extent of power and originality applied to them by manual planing. That´s why they are ready to be used in extreme surroundings.

Paramount Eiche

Easy maintenance and wellness for your floor and your feet. Soft manual planing is the perfect beauty treatment for your floorboards. It supplies power and energy.


The exquisite and generous panel parquet according to old models in panels of 100x100 cm offers luxury to meet the highest demands. And luxury has many aspects.

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